The Politics of Lust

Sex is one of the great joys of life, satisfying to the body, sublime to the soul. No wonder that most of us say that we relish erotic experience.
But when we examine our sexual psychology with a careful eye, we will find a reservoir of fear. Eroticism secretly disturbs us. Yet the existence of this pervasive sexual anxiety is not widely recognized.
The Politics of Lust exposes our hidden sexual malaise and the fascinating subliminal system that breeds it in the minds of millions of people. The challenging ideas set out in this book will give you a radical new perspective on your sexuality and your society.

Praise for The Politics of Lust

The Journal of Sex Research

Publishers Weekly

"Makes you question where your habits and beliefs really come from."
Susan Reynolds
Los Angeles Times

"A compelling and important work."
Dan Hays
Statesman Journal Salem, OR

"Give it a read. Its really worth it."
Daniel Richler
Richler Ink, Book Television

"A remarkable contribution to the literature of both politics and sexuality."
Jeffrey J. Douglas, Attorney
Chair of the Board of Directors of the Free Speech Coalition and Chairman Emeritus of the First Amendment Lawyers Association

"The Politics of Lust should convince any rational, reasonable, patriotic American jury that cultural and mental rigidity and the growing influence of erotophobia pose an increasing threat to our democratic way of life."
Robert T. Francoeur, Ph.D.
Editor, The Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality

"Ince delivers his message in a logically beautiful form that is simultaneously simple, without being simplistic, provocative, without being pandering, and powerful, without being preachy."
Donald L. Mosher, Ph.D.
Past President, Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

“A fascinating easy and enjoyable read...I would recommend
it most highly."
Vern L. Bullough, Ph.D., D. Sci.
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, State University of New York
Professor Emeritus, California State University, Northridge

"Terrific book...If only everyone would read this book, our society would mature sexually a
dozen fold."
Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., porn star turned sexologist

"If you seek a challenging new perspective on sex in our culture, this book will
reward you.”
Joani Blank, founder: Down There Press and Good Vibrations sex shops

"Calmly argued and curiously persuasive..."
Moses Znaimer, CityTV

"One enlightening book...I loved it."
Sue Johanson Sunday Night Sex Show

"Controversial? Yes, but he's got a point."
Marianne Meed Ward Toronto Sun

"I found the book tremendously enjoyable and helpful in my practice. In handling cases involving sexually-oriented material on a regular basis, it was read this insightful, realistic exploration of the human psyche’s response to erotic stimuli."
Lawrence G. Walters U.S. civil rights attorney -

"Challenged some of my views and given me a fresh perspective on my private and commercial experiences of sexuality."
Seska, sex writer, activist and performer

"Exceptional reading for those who find the subject of sexuality big, bold and beautiful."
Jonni O'Connor Ph.D., author and therpaist

"Very interesting, really challenges your thinking about the way sex is viewed in our society, even to I as a sexologist"
Dr. Laurie Betito Passion Radio

"He makes a convincing argument that society maintains unrealistic belief systems to keep us all uptight around our sexuality. The result is we turn into easy-to-govern, docile citizens."
Trina Read Calgary Herald

"For the sexy smarty-pants on your list, I recommend The Politics of Lust."
Josey Vogels, My Messy Bedroom

"Ince argues that our cultural obsession with sex actually indicates a deeper fear of our own sexuality."
Leah McLaren Globe and Mail

“Ince writes how our attitudes toward lust, sex and sexuality shape our lives. Not sexual lives. Lives.”
Lisa Fitterman Montreal Gazette

"John Ince argues that our culture fears sex because we put control ahead of pleasure."
Paul Gallant Xtra

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The Politics of Lust

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During the federal election campaign of June 2004 John Ince will be touring Canada to encourage politicians, the media and electors to support the repeal of anti-sexual laws.

This is his schedule:
June 9 7.30PM Vancouver Lecture - Vancouver Public Library
June 14 Guelph University Lecture - Sexuality Conference

Q & A with author John Ince

1) Interview with Digital Journal Jan 13, 2005 here.

2) Interview with Pivotal Press editors (immediately below.)


Copyright © 20010 John G. Ince

Chapter Summaries


  1 Solitary Fig-leafing
  2 Social Fig-leafing
  3 Genital Purdah
  4 Genital Censorship
  5 Lust Phobia


“An advocate in every sense of the word.” — Globe and Mail

“It is his life's mission to broaden our [erotic] repertoire.” — Ottawa Citizen

“A lawyer who has spent years battling Canada's antiquated sex laws.” — National Post

“You are brave...and wonderful.” — Vicki Gabereau

The Politics of Lust

Politics of Lust

This is the hard copy (soft cover) format of The Politics of Lust .

For the digital (PDF) format ($9.99), go here.

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