Robert T. Francoeur

Robert T. Francoeur, Ph.D.
Editor, The Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality

Professor: Fairleigh Dickenson University
Author of over 22 books on sexuality
Catholic Priest

John Ince doesn’t attempt to solve the mystery of why American culture ranks so high on any list of sexophobic cultures while Europeans are generally much more sex positive. Nor does Ince suggest how Blue Americans can counter the crusade of Red Americans to eradicate, or at least seclude public and private expressions of pleasurable sex wherever possible.

What Ince does is much more important. Much more necessary. Much more useful. He packs real substance and facts into chapters with irresistable titles like Solitary Fig-Leafing, Genital Purdah, Lust Phobia, The Enemies of Playful Sex, Attacking Youthful Lust, Mandatory Monogamy, and Rigid People Fear Sex. The Politics of Lust should convince any rational, reasonable, patriotic American jury that cultural and mental rigidity and the growing influence of erotophobia pose an increasing threat to our democratic way of life as they spread through every aspect of our bureaucratic, religious, ethnic, political, military, and corporate hierarchies. Ince’s Politics of Lust will appeal to academics -- and hopefully also to serious popular readers interested in understanding the fascinating, sometimes freedom- threatening psychosocial system that is our up-tight increasingly erotophobic American culture.


April 2004