Praise from Jonni O'Connor

I write about sexual energy because I believe in its power to liberate us. So does John Ince. As a Canadian lawyer for 25 years, Mr. Ince has built a reputation as a professional who specializes in the laws pertaining to sexuality. Drawing on that background and his own belief in the power of sexual energy he has co-founded Vancouver's The Art of Loving sexuality centre and has compiled his vast research and understandings into an energetic book entitled The Politics of Lust. I'll confess, I was completely fascinated by this book before I ever bought it and my fascination was richly justified. The book is filled with awareness and insight into sex and fear, sexual joy and passion, sexual ethics and anxieties, etc., and Ince presents it all in social, legal, ethical, political and personal contexts. Exceptional reading for those who find the subject of sexuality big, bold and beautiful.

Jonni O'Connor Ph.D. is a therapist in Vancouver Canada, and author of the book
Living The Energy: Essentials For Expanded Awareness