Lawrence G. Walters

U.S. Attorney focusing on First Amendment Law/Censorship Issues

I found the book tremendously enjoyable and helpful in my practice. In handling cases involving sexually-oriented material on a regular basis, it was refreshing, although a bit intimidating, to read this insightful, realistic exploration of the human psyche’s response to erotic stimuli. The schizophrenic manner in which most people both fear and yearn for sexual experiences often explains many of the motivations of those responsible for regulating human sexuality. The book helps enlighten why we, as a society, prefer our sex just beneath the surface; readily accessible, but not in our face. The reasons for the visceral reactions that I’ve received by judges, prosecutors, and police, whenever the issue of sexuality is involved, becomes clear as the author digs deep to unearth the psychological, and societal underpinnings causing those reactions. For better or worse, this book makes clear that which humans have long questioned, but feared to ask.

Lawrence G. Walters, Esq.
Weston, Garrou & DeWitt


May 2004