Josey Vogels

Gift Books
Dec 10, 2003

For the sexy smarty-pants on your list, I recommend The Politics of Lust by John Ince, a lawyer, journalist and co-founder of The Art of Loving, a sexuality centre in Vancouver, B.C. ( Ince, you might recall, got into a mess of trouble in Vancouver earlier this year thanks to his "Public Sex, Art, and Democracy" gallery installation, which involved a live oral sex scene. The cops threatened to bust everyone for indecent exposure if they went through with the performance, but failed to show up when the "exhibit" actually took place. In The Politics of Lust, Ince takes on North American sexual ethics and mores, and explores our twisted relationship to sex -- namely, how we are at once drawn to, but disturbed by sex. "Ours is a culture of sexual bravado, not sexual joy," he writes.