Donald L. Mosher

Donald L. Mosher, Ph.D.
Former President The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
Winner: Award for Distinguished Scientific Achievement
Hugo G. Beigel Research Award
The Kinsey Award

I found John Ince's The Politics of Lust to be exceptionally informative. Ince combines abundant scientific evidence with careful reasoning to draw this stark and startling conclusion: even in modern times, we engage in sex without being able to talk or reason together about it. Thus, our experience of sex in a climate of guilt and shame continues to produce unnoticed fear and systematic irrationality.

This is so because both sex phobia and anti-sexual politics are prescribed, reinforced, and institutionalized by patriarchal, religious, and bureaucratic hierarchies. Under the guise of controlling sinful or harmful lust, not only does hierarchy produce erotophobia, but also erotophobia generates hierarchy.

Fortunately, Ince's message of hope is that the world will more fully embrace the concept of sexual rights as it continues to democratize.

Ince delivers his message in a logically beautiful form that is simultaneously simple, without being simplistic, provocative, without being pandering, and powerful, without being preachy.

Yes, I wish I could say that I had written this book.

April 2004