Erosha - sexual ecstasy for couples


by John Ince

The way we can make love can get repetitive and dull. We fall back on our familiar erotic routines.

Erosha is an antidote to bland sex. It is a simple system to rev-up your sexlife - whether you are with a new lover or a long-term mate.

Erosha is the art of erotic ceremony, of making sex a delicious, pre-meditated celebration of pleasure.
This book describes step by step how to set up an Erosha session that will take your partner to new erotic territory, yet safely and comfortably.

Planning for an Erosha session starts days before the event. Suspense and excitement builds in your partner as he or she anticipates their upcoming erotic gifts.

Sensual sounds and scents, erotic massage, intense kissing, role play, anal pleasure and divine orgasmic release are some of the options that Erosha explores.

It borrows from the erotic secrets of the ancient Orient but is designed for 21st century lovers.
Try Erosha. It will take your love-making to a new level.