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The Politics of Lust

The Politics of Lust

Sex is one of the great joys of life, satisfying to the body, sublime to the soul. No wonder that most of us say that we relish erotic experience. 
But when we examine our sexual psychology with a careful eye, we will find a reservoir of fear. Eroticism secretly disturbs us. Yet the existence of this pervasive sexual anxiety is not widely recognized.

Forthcoming Fall 2012

Humans are Herd Animals - the dearth of individuality in mass culture

by Edward Hushqua Do you think like a horse? Professor Edward Hushqua argues that most of us do. We are happy to follow someone else's lead. Hushqua examines every aspect of daily life, including our diet, wardrobe, home decoration, recreational activities, career choices and even our sexual life and shows how narrow and stereotyped are our choices. Individuality in modern culture amounts to nothing more creative than choosing between a few competing brands.

Erosha - sexual ecstasy for couples


by John Ince

The way we can make love can get repetitive and dull. We fall back on our familiar erotic routines.

Erosha is an antidote to bland sex. It is a simple system to rev-up your sexlife - whether you are with a new lover or a long-term mate.

Erosha is the art of erotic ceremony, of making sex a delicious, pre-meditated celebration of pleasure.
This book describes step by step how to set up an Erosha session that will take your partner to new erotic territory, yet safely and comfortably.

Shamanic Revolution - why an ancient religion will transform our world

Shamanic Revolution

by Elaine W. Reedy

Our world is teetering on the edge of ecological disaster. Only a radical rejection of our materialist lifestyle can save us.

But what would inspire such a change?

Elaine W. Reedy proposes shamanism as the answer. The world's oldest spiritual tradition, shamanism powerfully connects its practitioners to the natural world. Central to its practice is the experience of ecstasy. Shamanism offers the intense gratification that consumer-addicts seek, but never find.

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